Troy Block will be here before you know it. Touchstone has partnered with USAA Real Estate Company to provide the capital necessary to deliver the project. Phase I will break ground in the first quarter of 2014, and we expect to be ready for tenant occupancy in the second quarter of 2016. Keep an eye on our schedule meter to see updates of our progress, and as we get closer to completion, check back for more news and early occupancy information.


Clearing the land and digging the hole.


Pouring the foundation, tying it into the soils, putting up the crane.

parking garage

Pouring the floors of the parking garage and creating the core structure below grade.

core 1/3 complete

Structure is coming out of the ground and first above grade floors are being poured.

core 2/3 complete

Core going up, floors being poured and glazing going on to the building at the lowest level.

topped out

Only a few top floors left to pour. Lower floors are enclosed and being built out.

skin on & certificate
of occupancy

Ready to complete TIs in the interior, may even have completed TIs on lower floor.